E2/ACF question: Get total contraption mass?

Hello, Im sorry for asking yet another E2-related question. I was wondering which is the best or easiest way to get a code that finds the total weight of a contraption(Eg: a acf tank) via a ranger or entity? iv seen them before so i know its not completely bullocks.


If you simply want to check the weight of a contraption that uses ACF, you can quite simply use the wire - debug tool by left clicking with it on the ACF engine. You’ll find “Mass” and “Total mass” on the top left of your screen with the engine running displaying the physical mass (Mass) and the ACF calculated mass (Total mass). ACF calculated “total mass” differs from physical mass as ACF also calculates the weight of parented props and applies some strain to the engine from that “weight”.
I’d imagine there’s a function that checks for mass in E2 - this is not something I’ve toyed with myself, so I hope the above helps just a little bit.

If I remember correctly reload-clicking on any part of your contraption with the ACF Armor tool gives you total and physical mass as well.

Cheers, That was pretty helpful. I went into E2 to check the ACF commands (seeing as there is already E2 acf codes to get ammo count and RoF). There was even commands to get Individual Flechette weight and length, and even one that tells you if and where your acf part is clipping into any props alas, no single line command to get a contraptions entire total weight. I ended up have to take it off recursive armor chip.