E2 Aggravation

I’m using applyangforce and for some reason if I tell it to go past about 85 degrees in any direction whatever prop model I used for the chip freaks the flip out. Just spins and twitches until I bring the angle back down. Any ideas? Oh and just fyi Im basically using the code from these tutorial vids.

You’re encountering glimbal lock. There are two ways to fix this. Either you use angforce the way Paper Clip explains here: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/expression-help/17743-solution-applyangforce-instability-when-aiming-straight-up-down.html
Or you use applyTorque, which has no glimbal lock. If you scroll down a little in that thread you will find a post by me with a formula for applyTorque.

There’s also this thread: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/contraptions-saves/17737-applyangforce-system-identification-dead-beat-controller-design-chip.html in which Paper Clip has posted his automatic formula creator for angForce.