E2 car code?

Hi, I was wondering how a code would look like if I did everything with e2, what I want to achieve is this:

What I mainly want is a car to be able to choose which tires I want to be able to turn/drive without any form of constraint/gate/hydarulic/thruster/something like that.
Just have the e2 do so that you can select tires and do the constraints(if possible)/steering|selectable front|back|all(if possible)/drive|gear change|selectable FWD|RWD|AWD(if possible)

If it isn’t possible to do any of this then just say it.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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How much are you paying?

I’ll do it for one shrubbery.

i’m not too rich but i can do 30 amercan, i know it sounds cheap but yeah, that’s unfortunately my maximum

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and i’m not able to pay it this month either, next should work