e2 chip

does anyone know where i can get the E2 (Expression 2) chip, without downloading the whole svn version of wiremod?? i would like to, but i have button troubles with it. unless someone can tell me where the latest non-svn version of wiremod is that has everything. if you could please, that would totally awesome.



You can’t.

more detail???

it is in the Wire SVN, and it uses stuff from Wire.

Without the rest of Wire, it would break.

You could mod some code to make E2 stand alone, but that would mean a lot of code reworking

is this possible???

No, go get SVN. You’ll never have the latest version otherwise.

I don’t want the latest version, i want the latest NON-SVN version… there is a difference… all it must have is the expression 2 chip, i don’t care about anything else… if you want to know why i have tried to avoid downloading the SVN version to many times, read here

Maybe you should try it again :downs:
You do realize E2 gets updated all the time as well.

it’s not the E2 chip i am having trouble with in the SVN version, it is the button, and a couple of other things as well… do you have the latest SVN version of wiremod???

Yes, and mine works perfectly fine. I’m assuming your Gmod fucked up somehow, you should try deleting your garrysmod folder and launching gmod to regenerate it.

You don’t want SVN because occasionally it is broken in an update for a few days… That’s a lame excuse.

i have done that 4 times already, to no avail… nothing seems to fix it…

no, i try to avoid it because i don’t want to spend days hunting around trying to fix it. if you got your facts right, and read my other post, you would realize that it is a little more than

If you’re “too lazy” for SVN, keep in mind that SVN is easier than normal downloads…

Installing and setting up SVN the first time is harder than normal downloads, but after that, it’s all downhill. Soon you’ve saved so much time you’re going plus.

let’s look at this bit by bit.

You are against SVN because a Wire update broke the Wire Buttons, and no fix has been released.

Other people who use the SVN of Wire, and have “fairly to the most” up to date versions of it can use Buttons, and didn’t have an issue with broken buttons.

People have different addons/lua folder stuff than you.

Addons can conflict with other addons.

[assuming]You have an addon conflicting with Wire.[/assuming]

Try removing some addons until the Buttons work.

Hope this helps

Nothing’s wrong with the wire buttons. They work fine.

However, if you have the latest version of wiremod and the server you’re on doesn’t… That might cause problems. So tell the host to update.

um, read the next bit. (one about no one else having the issue).

but Divran is correct, it could be a server’s fault.

Try other servers, and the addon clearing thing I mentioned

i am playing single player, i have reinstalled GMod 4 times, the addons countless times, and still nothing happens!!!

Are you using the SVN version? If you aren’t there is nothing we can do. The wiremod team only fix bugs in the SVN version.

if you read the first post, you would realise that i have tried the svn version, but revert back to the non-svn version because i want everything to work. i do not know what else to do.