E2 Code Help

As far as i know this code works

Center = vec(0,0,0)
Radius = 2500
Altitude= 500
Rise = vec(0,500,0) - sin(curtime())*Radius
Run = vec(0,0,100) - cos(curtime())*Radius

Location = vec(Run,Rise,1500)

Question 1.How would i make this wire up to a vector thruster

Question 2.I also want to make it tilt when it reaches a Altitude will one of these do this?

If altitude = 500 Roll = 10
If altitude = 500 Plane:Entity:Roll(10)

or do they work at all,if not can someone help me out?

Question 3. What input/outputs would i need if it were to fly in a circle?

I think after that i can figure out the rest.

Vector thrusters apply the force to their selfs. This seems like a hard question.

It can be anything aslong its not apply force or includes hover balls.

Why not applyForce?

Well that will be better if its easy then stick a thruster on it to look more realistic



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