E2 Coding. Making a jackpot.

Hello, I am trying to make a jackpot in Expression 2. The code I am using is:

@name Jackpot
@outputs MoneyInPot MoneyDonated
@trigger all


if ( chatClk() ) { if (lastSaid():lower():sub(1,5) == "!pot" ) { moneyRequest(owner(),1000,5) MoneyInPot = MoneyDonated } }


if ( owner():lastSaid() == ("!potreset")) { MoneyInPot = 0 }

I am trying to make it so when someone types !pot (number here) they put that money into a pot. After like 5 minutes the pot will pick a random player and give the pot to them. I also want to take 25% of what they put into the pot for profit. :smiley: Thanks for your help. I don’t want the full code I just want help on how to do it!

I don’t know if that is possible with e2

People on a server I play do it. Sadly they wont share their knowledge

Search on Mr.Google you probly can find it I will help you :slight_smile:

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I dont know if you want that but http://pastebin.com/jez9tTUB

That doesn’t work I fixed all the 5 errors and it still wont connect to the screen and the thing wont appear

Does E2 allow you to take money from players now? I have not coded with e2 in so long

With the moneyrequest() addon yes