E2 Error: E2 No Longer Works

Started to learn how to use E2 recently, made a very basic music player and some console screens. The music player code worked fine, even when i AdvDuped it. However, when i updated wiremod, E2 doesn’t work.

Music Player Code:

@name Music Player
@inputs B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 Off S:wirelink

if(B1==1) {soundPlay(0,0,“byob.mp3”)}
if(B2==1) {soundPlay(0,0,“epic sax guy.mp3”)}
if(B3==1) {soundPlay(0,0,“worldonfire.mp3”)}
if(B4==1) {soundPlay(0,0,“muzyczka 9.mp3”)}
if(B5==1) {soundPlay(0,0,“ambient/music/cubanmusic1.wav”)}
if(Off==1) {soundStop(0,0)}

S:writeString(“Please Select a Song”,5,1,900,0,0)
S:writeString(“Epic Sax Guy”,0,4,900,0,0)
S:writeString(“World on Fire”,0,5,900,0,0)
S:writeString(“Anything Goes”,0,6,900,0,0)
S:writeString(“Cuban Music”,0,7,900,0,0)

However, when i updated wiremod, E2 doesn’t work. Even the same codes used before or simple codes i find on the internet aren’t working. My AdvDupes work fine, other wiremod parts work fine, but AdvDupes with E2 or just plain E2 chips no longer work for me. I get this error instead


Error: [addons\wire\lua\entities\gmod_wire\expression2\core\e2lib.lua:125] attempt to index local ‘self’ (a nil value)

No idea what this means or how to fix it.

The term ‘self’ represents the expression 2 entity. The main causes for this could either be a scripting error, addon conflicts, or gmod related problems.

Go through your addons and see if you can find anything that conflicts with it. Basically just remove every non-standard addon except the wiremod stuff and normal build tools you have. eg. Smart Constraint, Easy Weld, Parent.

If that fails, verify and defrag your game files.

Again if that fails, You can wait for a wiremod update or report this error to the wiremod team… In http://www.wiremod.com/forum/bug-reports/

Thanks for the help, unfortunately neither worked, and I’ve posted on WireMod.com about the problem under E2 help, but i think an admin needs to review the thread before it shows on the forums? I’m not sure, but would either making a new GMod folder (cleaning it) or re-installing GMod do anything?

Re-installing it just re-downloads the GCF files, really no difference between verify and re-install. Cleaning it gets rid of unwanted files. Try cleaning your folder and post back with the results.

I re-checked wiremod.com and they updated it recently. I updated my wiremod and its working again, there was a code problem with writeString i believe. Thanks again for all the suggestions and tips

No Problem.