E2 Field Generator Teleporter

So I’ve recently figured out the power of Field Generators. Specifically, the Regenerative and Zero Gravity Generators. However, I’m not sure how to keep them underneath the player so I don’t have to intentionally stay within the field. Increasing the field size has been considered an option, but it’s annoying to have to move everytime another player enters my Zero Grav Field. Anyone have anything?

Could you be a bit more clear on what youre trying to achieve with this?

I mean you could always do a noCollideAll or propNotSolid provided you have a decent constraintcore on the server, and set the position of the generator to your local position every few ticks.

You should also ask around on the wiremod reddit page, that’s where you can get some real help.

Thats the thing, I’m not sure how to do that. I asked around on Reddit, but the post has been innactive. Anyways, I want to find a way to basically “weld” the Field Generator to the player using an E2. I have some experience with E2, but not enough to figure out how to do something similar.

I don’t think you can weld props to players using E2 and im not sure if the Field Generator will still work after parenting but you can use setpos:

@name setPos
@inputs FieldGen:entity

if (duped() | dupefinished()) {

if (first()) {

O = owner()
Vel = O:vel()
#Tick = tickInterval()

Pos = O:toWorld( vec(0,0,0) ) #+ Vel * Tick * 6.5
Ang = ang(0,0,0)

if (!FieldGen:isFrozen()) {
    FieldGen:propFreeze( 1 )

FieldGen:setPos( Pos )
FieldGen:setAng( Ang )

requires propcore. wire “FieldGen” to your field generator. Make sure you nocollide first. if it “lags behind” too much remove the # and adjust the number after "Tick * "