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Hello all community members,

So My freind gave me E2 And Hes offline now For few months I’d like to ask about something ,

In this e2 anyone goes inside the circle it shows in ur chat his health guns ect, And it should Psay to him to stop raiding me , Now It doesnt psay to him anymore Because I forgot the code to put in Console to fix it , I removed my Garrys mod and re installed it And I cant remember the code If anyone knows the code please tell me here, I think the code for ulx psay or something.

Thanks alot.

afaik you can’t display messages in someone else’s chat using E2

You can run console commands on yourself, so you could run the cmd: ulx psay “name” message.
Which would display the message in the target’s chat.

Yes I can here is the code

" @name Raider Info
@persist [T W B]:vector

if(first() | duped()){    
    T = vec(0,150,255)
    W = vec(255,255,255)
    B = vec(0,0,0)


Col = hsv2rgb((curtime()*40)%360,1,1)

    Raider = findClosest(entity():pos())
    if(entity():pos():distance(Raider:pos()) < 100){
            concmd("ulx psay " + Raider:name() + " [Raider Alarm] Stop raiding " + owner():name() + " Or you will Die, you have been warned.")
            printColor(T , "Name" , B , ": " , W , Raider:name() 
            , T , "  Health" , B , ": " , W , Raider:health() 
            , T , "  Weapon" , B , ": " , W , Raider:weapon():type()
            , T , "  Job" , B , ": " , W , teamName(Raider:team()))

in the code it says " concmd("ulx psay " Now I need to know how make the message goes to the raider Because I forgot what was the command

code tags please

This will only work if the server has ULX installed.

And it has ulx

What exactly is it doing? It seems like it should work to me.

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wait, are you looking for the console command to let you run concmd?

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If so, it’s wire_expression2_concmd 1

And the command itself has to be whitelisted as well (I could be wrong, an empty whitelist might allow anything, not sure on the default behaviour).

[lua]wire_expression2_concmd_whitelist “ulx”[/lua] (replace “ulx” with a comma separated list of commands you want to run be able to run (iirc).

thank you !!@!