E2 help

alright so i have been playing gmod for awhile, i can do any thing with wire mod… except e1-2 stuff.
i have been “studing” all of the E2 outputs/inputs… like for instance i know all the names… vec(N,N,N) means that u make a 3D vector (x,y,z) but the thing is i dont know how to put it into a workin sentence… what computer language is this writen in any way >_>

lol any way… if some one could give me some pointers or know some sites/videos that give “good” tutorials then let me know, k thanks :]]]

Dont flame if posted in the wrong catagory, it just means that i didnt know.

“Bump” Nah kiddin send me a pm with ur steam name and ill help ya out



thx carlisle, and i hope stevo helps :smiley: