E2 highlighting for Notepad++

I’ve heard that the current E2 highlighting for Notepad++ is severely out of date. I have now made a new one with original E2 colors and I have updated it with all the functions listed on the wiki.


Close N++ if it is running.
Hit Windows Key + R.
Type "%APPDATA%\Notepad++" without the quotes and hit enter.
Extract the userDefineLang.xml file to that folder.
Open N++.
Under the Language menu, go to the bottom and choose Expression 2.


Example taken from the wire wiki!:slight_smile:

Wiremod thread here.

If the link’s broken, download here.

Hey look a good thread in the Gmod Section. Well done.

not really, E2 is fail.

not really, you just don’t know how to use it.

adapts for his editor

Thanks, a template!

I’m not going to release it, I’m probably the only FP user using vim for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

/-EDIT-\ FUCK. Access Denied BS.

/-EDIT2-\ Fuck it, I’ll write one myself.

And why, kind sir, would you say something like that.

Bah, download’s broken. Someone mind reuploading?

New download locationhere.

You fail, see what I did there?

Now you’re going to have a bunch of retards typing “anonsvn” in both fields and wondering “WTF Y WONT IT WURK ;_;”