E2 HoloGram Help - How can I move holos ?

Hello folks, something has been bothering me for awhile and I haven’t been able to think it though. I was wondering is they a possible function to make HoloGrams move for a certin about of time?
I’m working on a little project and I really need some help. If someone can help me with getting Holo Grams to move for “X” amount of seconds I’d be very grateful.


there is an expression 2 help section on the wiremod forums

I’ve never looked into optimization, but you might try something like this(untested):

runOnTick(1) #runOnTick or interval

if(first()) { M = 1 }
timer("time",n) #n is an int, number of ms to run for
if(clk("time")) { M = 0 }

Depending on the first line, this would move the hologram +1 unit every expression cycle. Then, after n milliseconds, it would move the hologram 0 units per cycle.
This could probably be written better, but I hope this helps somewhat.