E2 Hologram Lag?

Alright so I had a question. Sometime I like to build with holograms on servers. For example I made a 20 hologram jeep and was driving it around. Some people were complaining that it was lagging the server and an admin deleted it.

Now ive never had lag when using any holograms on my server, that server, singleplayer, or anywhere else, so is it a matter of people having shitty pc’s and video cards, or do holograms really make certain people lag?

Thanks to anybody who can answer this.

Also here are some pictures if that helps: (I know it’s shitty but its a WIP)

Holo Jeep:

It happens because some people have no intentions to follow the official tutorial. They basically went onto a server BEFORE installing Wiremod and downloaded all the server files on a server WITH Wiremod. That means they have 1 hologram folder. Then they didn’t care about the tutorial and slapped the Wire SVN into their addons without removing the Wiremod (and holo models) they downloaded off a server. Then they have 2 different holo foldrrs that corrupt into each other.
The fix? Remove the wire model pack1 > models > holograms folder, then update via svn.

Thanks for the response, so basically most people who are receiving lag will probably not take the time to fix their wire, and I will not be able to use holos on those servers.