E2 suggetions

Hello fp i was wondering if you guys have any good source of learning e2s yt vids dont play for me internet is way to slow
THx in advance

The best way to learn E2 is just to do it yourself, might be harder, but the understanding you will get will be greater. Sure you can read endless amounts of pages on doing this and that, but in the end, you need to do everything yourself. I feel like there are two aspects to programming E2. The first one being the need to understand what needs to do done to complete a task. Example: you want to print out the first 10 letters of the alphabet. You need to start thinking about do I need an array, do I hard code every variable, do I just use a string with all the letters in the alphabet? This type of knowledge can be learned from anything programming language. Learning this requires you doing projects and actually programming. A good and easy way to start is probably reddit. You can find all the problems to practice on and many more. You can do it in any language you want, but I would recommend Python, since it’s simple (syntax wise) and looks like E2 a bit. The next type of knowledge you need to make an E2 is how the API works, aka the E2 wiki. In this you will find everything you need to start doing E2. After acquiring these two types of knowledge, programming E2s will be a piece of cake, although, this process may take years, there just isn’t any magic formula to make you magically good at E2, just hard work and understanding.