E2: Tips to reduce Ops


Iv been doing some E2 chip conversions, Giving my own little flares to public E2s. And somehow iv managed to turn a 200+ line chip that runs on ~500 Ops at interval (60) into one that runs on roughly 1000 Ops on a matter of adding 20 or less lines.
Closer to the point: Is there any tips i can get that will help me reduce my Ops And/or optimize the chip better?

The majority of the lines iv added are under the interval 60 part so they are constantly running, others are in IF(changed(…)) and if(…) lines.
Note: Most of them are also step or toggle lines (if(changed()&)){A=!A} or {A++} which give temporary op increases, they arnt the issue seemingly
Cheers -CDU

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I can give parts of the code i changed if its any further help.
The chip in question is the versus’s heli E2

Don’t worry too much about Ops, worry about CPU time, that’s what will impact the server.

Look for the numbers with “µs” after it, if it’s over 700, you should probably try to optimize where you can.

In the @trigger line at the top, type ‘none’. Make sure to still run the e2 on an interval.