E2 wep

Right now I need a good weapon for sbep, like an auto target laser, or a e2 chip that shoots missiles (that don’t target me)

If you have something similar that won’t act dumb and shoot a target behind my ship (and shoot it) I’d be VERY happy to trade my e2 ship driver (my friend helped me with) or my autoturret.

Thanks, max.

Please, nobody give him anything hyper advanced. Anyways, as far as a good weapon for sbep, depends. If the server has custom weapons, use those. If you have trouble with stuff shooting your own ship, do something like this

if(Weapon:toLocal(Target:pos()):z() > 0){Fire = 1}
else{Fire = 0}

But in all serious, make things yourself. Your autoturret is probably either wheels or a SBEP turret wired to a target finder. Nobody wants that. I am pretty sure nobody wants your ‘ship driver’ that your friend made, since they are ridiculously easy to make. And if someone is too nice and just gives you a weapon, nobody is going to be impressed, since you didn’t make it.

It’s e2 with applytorque and force and is perfectly accurate at any distance. And I can easily use pre made ones, it’s just that I want something different. The ship driver had 250 lines, and you need to realize that not everyone Is 6.


Thank you, you killed it.

Line count does not impress me or anyone. My first functional e2, an applyForce heli with a holo body, had 525+lines. The fact is, a simple ship driver could be whiped out in ten lines in a matter of minutes. I do it daily. For fun. We can all make killrot chips, we can all stop sliding all over the place, its really a very simple manner of elementary math and applyForce, unless you want autoleveling/hovering in which case you need a tad bit of algebra, but still, we all can do it. its not hard. For more advanced chips, ive exceeded 500 lines, im not sure what my max is, probably into the thousands, but I like to double space a lot, to seperate chuncks.

If you want to impress us your going to have to tell us of some amazing function no one ever thought to do. Even then, many of us would never think of using someone elses e2.

Anyway, about your question, if your just trying to make something look at something:

Turret:applyAngForce(Ang+$Ang*a good multiplier)

Its really very easy. I have a turret that hovers above a platform and shoots things across the map in rapid succession using this. 50 manhacks last about 10 seconds (all the way accross the map) if the turret spread is 0. The angForce and applyForce is near perfectly accurate. I’ve found that systen or a system of target angles (if your looking to aim by angles and not at an object), to be pretty foolproof.

As an addendum to Balto’s post, if you are so good, make the damn 'E2 wep" yourself.

I’m not saying I’m that good. And it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done e2. This is just me asking for a fair trade, not for you to come and say " fuck you, fuck this thread, your things are shit, I can make them in my sleep, oh and on a side note this may help."’

If you’re so good, then fuckin make a thread about how omnipotent you are.

You have a turret. Just add my bit of code and stick the most powerful forwards firing weapon on it. :science:

The only problem is… It’s applyforce makes it not moveable by anything … Thrusters, ropes, but I MAY be able to ballsocket it…

I would have done this earlier, just it’s applyforce makes it hover… Unless… If I could ballsocket the EXACT middle of my turret to a phx plate I could make it all applytorque… hmm. And what would I do with your code? I’m not sure ( havent ever done that kinda code) what it would do. From what I see it sets the 1/0 variable to 1 if it points at something. I’m assuming the owners stuff. Am I right?


I mean 0 lol


My bad, it sets the car to one if it’s looking at the target pos. If it isn’t , it will not shoot.

Just FYI, you’re better off not offering a reward. We’re happy to help from a technical perspective, but by offering this e2 to us that you only about 50% made like we would be happy to have such code available to us is very annoying. The truth is, if it took 500 lines to do 10 lines of work, it can’t be very efficient code. Now if you had done it in two lines we would be impressed (and I don’t mean squeezing all the shit onto one line.)

Now, you’re mounting the turret with applyForce. My hoverturret will woork mounted to vehciles, but not as accurately, as inertia will put a lot of stress on the system durring acceleration and decelleration. If you need it to be moving I suggest you stick to a ballsocket.

In the future, just ask as a technical question instead of shoving your friends e2 at us. It causes us to doubt your abilities, therefore if we do answer we won’t give you anything very complex (which could make for high accuracy) as trekkie originally suggested.

K, I’ll keep that in mind next time. The thing is, we made it iogether awhile back (before I lost my e2 skills… Or what I had,)



Just comment out the applyforce code :science:

I know that lol :stuck_out_tongue: