e2 wich spawns a raggdoll and undo's


i got a request for someone with more experience than me in E2.

I’ve made this Building wich burns raggdols and ejects the burnt raggdoll

the problem is a raggdoll cant be turned into a prop spawner.
so my Request is to the person wich is kind enough to help me, to make a
E2(>1) that spawns a raggdoll and undo’s it after 4-5 seconds.

  • plus the raggdoll must spawn when button is pressed

than also i want a E2 that works with the other E2
that when the Raggdoll from E2>1 hits the ranger from the second E2
the second E2 will spawn a Burned raggdoll and undo it after 10-15 seconds.

if a person that knows how to fit this in one E2. than you’ll be my hero !

Im sorry if people think im an noob. but im here for an request because i cant do it my self.
and i appologize for my bad english.
and i appologize for being dumb.

(so all Trolls happy now ?)

You can’t create entities (including ragdolls) with E2 alone.