EA Games' map in Gmod Help

Hello, All

I am trying to build a map for a garry’s mod server i work as a moderator on. I am attempting to “port” a map from one of the old Harry Potter Game, Order of the Phoenix. i have gotten next to nowhere on this project in the two weeks i have worked on it. i think the problem is either that the hp game is on Bright Light Halogen Engine and Gmod is Source Engine, or i just don’t know where to find the converter i need to change the .str (or the encoded .txt i can make it) into a .bsp need for Gmod. Also if that is possible, i will need to do is several times and combining the maps into one and texture it(i have source sdk).
If this is possible I will need all the help(and luck) i can get. if not then i need someone who prove this to me beyond a
Thank you for reading, and any help provided.
Sincerely, Fatman9693, Finious Black
P.s. i have every intention to seek the rights to use this map if useable.

That’s not how it works, so no, you can’t just convert them.

If it were that easy then I wouldn’t be the one trying to do it, it would have been done long before i discovered gmod. would you know a way i could do this

Redo the maps from scratch and keep in mind the engine limitations.

I was told i could use blender or 3d max but i cant find a way to open the str file

Well then how about you ask the person who told you that instead, since he already knows how to do it.