EAC Appeal

Is this the proper place to post an appeal? I haven’t posted an appeal before (because I don’t cheat) and I’d like to start playing asap. I know people have been wrongfully banned before, and Im 99.9% positive that just happened to me. Tell me what i need to post and I will. Thank you.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Google EAC cheat. Go to website. Click contact us. Email them.

So what did you do that gives you a 0.1% chance of being rightfully banned.
And you wont find any sympathy on these forums unfortunately.

Try emailing EAC support to see if they can shed some light on why they consider you to have cheated / acted irresponsibly.

Thank you cinder, and the only thing i did that could be could “cheating” is lower my shader setting in graphics to low so that i can see through bushes. This guy on the server has been harassing me and my friends non stop calling us hackers, and then he starts reading some “HACK REPORTS” of my steam profile. So I get off because Im tired of listening to him then I get on and Im banned. If he has some kind of authority over the facepunch server, I feel like thats and abuse of his power. He shouldn’t be able to ban me from EVERY SERVER without even an ounce of evidence, all because he doesn’t like me or my friends. It’s really upsetting, but I didn’t come here for sympathy, I came for justice. Hopefully FP is reasonable and will at least listen to me. Thank you guys

If it’s an EAC ban, just talk to EAC staff through their website. They will reply. It won’t have to do with Facepunch though.

ok. I think one of their staff banned me as a favor for this guy on my server. That might get him fired. I don’t want that but I also want to play Rust, it’s a really cool game.

Almost impossible. This would not happen. You can easily get banned on one server by the owner though.

Very odd that there is person on aa’s site with the same name as you that has recently purchased cheats for rust, coincidence ?

Most definitely not, he’s clearly the victim of an elaborate identity theft scheme. Give this poor soul some much deserved justice FP!