EAC at old version of Rust

So, Garry, u’ve banned a lot of cheaters, u’ve lost a lot of legal players cause of dat cheaters. U’ve got much money when cheaters buy rust again and again after cheating. So…can u just turn ON EAC at old version of Rust or we’ll be fucked up by cheaters again…? Tnx

i have also asked this question on a few threads on here, and also on twitter,
with the amalgamation of the 2 branches will legacy be covered by EAC.

I have never had problems with hackers but it is spoiling the rust community.

WTF? how? they became impudent and flew into a rage! They can now even get to ur house through door, get items and leave ur house.

I have never problems with hackers too, maybe the people who complain about “to much hackers” are simply bad.

that has been a problem (wall/door Hacks) but i am lucky i guess, 600+ hours and no problems,
they change the files so basicly the door/wall does not stop them, or they can place a sleeping bag and box through the wall/door then raid you,

sometime when i raid i change the doors for my doors and leave them open so the raided person has no idea how i got in as their doors are all intact and working :slight_smile:

I am sure there are tons of hackers and admin abuse or otherwise you wouldn’t hear about it so much. There are also a few tricks i have learned by reading forums or doing google searches on my own as I own my own server with a very low population and I was new so wanted to understand what was going on. Two things I have noticed that can seem like hacking / door admin abuse is if someone blows up your wooden wall and replaces it after they leave, they do not have to go through your doors and will look as if nothing changed. Also you can simply have 4-6 charges (which isn’t very hard to get on certain servers or over time) and blow 1-2 doors along with wooden door frames and then have those doors and frames replaced by the intruder. They then leave the door unlocked so you don’t seem to notice a difference but they can repeatedly raid you with no extra charges / hassle.

I have 600+ hours and have also experienced minimal hackers. What I have noticed it that 70% of the players instantly calls hacks as soon as you kill them. Which really makes me think that all these people crying about hackers just have no skill. Or are just very unlucky.

I don’t see hackers often. You have to choose the right servers. Don’t go to the public servers like North America X or whatever. They’re awful. Community and modded don’t see nearly as many of them.


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garry can’t just “turn on” EAC for legacy. he’d rather spend the probably 2ish hours it would take implementing in legacy working on experimental

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