Hey yall, I just got EAC banned for obvious cheating (Did not really care about getting banned)
But I was wondering is a EAC ban perm for the first ban?
If so, If I buy the game again on another account and I do not hack anymore do I still have risk of getting another ban?

Not really looking to hack anymore because I like the game with and without hacks and I still want to play with friends.

If you’re going to come here and say “Don’t hack dumbass” ect ect then just leave now because it does not affect me nor do I care about your thoughts on me hacking.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

It’s permanent, as it should be. Don’t hack bud.

Thank you for the first part of your answer, second part. Like I said I don’t care about your thoughts.

Stupid hacks and cheating makes online games annoying for people who want to actually play.

You can leave now as I still do not care about your thoughts or opinions other than on the actual subject of my question.

No one cares about your thoughts or opinions about how we feel about how much of an ass you and everyone else who hacks are.

This is a public forum.

Create a new account and buy it again.

No, you can leave now and go buy the game again so you can get caught…again.
After all Garry loves your wasted money

This may be a public forum but this is a help thread as I labeled it help

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So if I buy it again and I do not hack, I can continue playing without expecting a ban?
Obviously I will be banned again if I hack. But I just want to confirm I can play the game again without hacking and not be banned.

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Yup. If you create a new steam account and buy the game on that account. If you don’t hack, you won’t get banned.

Fantastic! Would there be anyway I can pay to be unbanned? As much as I want to buy it on a new account I would be willing to pay the same price of the game to be unbanned on my current account.


No, if you’re retarded enough to hack it’s a permanent ban. So don’t do it.

Your account is permabanned and non-negotiable. The only way to get into Rust again is to buy it on a new account.

Well I am just helping you realize that no one cares about your ridiculous request.

We all just want to help you understand that when it comes to cheating, Mattjones171 is “A Pathetic n00bie

Good to know, thank you.

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Good to know!

Yes, buying it on a new account will enable you to play the game again.

Unless you’re using Linux of course. Then you won’t be able to play.

I would like to point out. That the actual site would be http://www.artificialaiming.net/, But close enough right?

No one likes cheaters here man, you can finish up and leave now

No, it just shows how desperatly you tried to find hacks for rust.

Poor guy, he is now forced have to have separate accounts for Rust and all the other games he sucks at.