Okay, here is the deal. I bought rust one day, cheated on that account and got banned. Duh that was stupid of me. So I decide to straighten out my act and play legit. Now, here is the problem. I opened a new steam account, bought a fresh steam copy of Rust, WIPED my hard drives of all data (to prevent false detection of previous hack software), play rust on new account for a day, next morning… EAC: Banned. So… if EAC could please explain why this happened I would be very appreciative and if you come to agree that this is a valid mistake on EAC’s behalf, I’d like to request that the ban be lifted. Thank you guys for your time and please tell me what info you need from me.

Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/revandarklighter/
SteamID64: 76561198255295027

Visit this place: http://www.easyanticheat.net/contact/

You are only going to get grief here, pretty much.

Thanks, I tried here earlier but I couldn’t get on the site for some reason. Working now though.

Actually I’m not going to give him grief as he admitted to cheating once. Chances are you missed something or they flagged your ip maybe? I dunno if they do that but would make sense

You cheated already so you should get banned FOR EVER!

Buying hacks with this picture doesn’t mean anything. EAC is always one step ahead.

i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since you seem genuine.

keep in mind that the devs can initiate a manual EAC ban. so the next question i would ask is did you piss off a dev, and return to the same server with the new account? if you made enough of an impression on them, they would likely see either your name, or your IP and initiate a ban to get rid of you again (having seen you cheat previously, and pre-empting the same again).

as above, contact eac, though their reps do come through this forum quite frequently. they will be able to confirm if this new ban was manual or detection.

Its fair to harass people that cant read a full post, which is you.

Yes, nobody should cheat, but if you cant read, you need to learn the punishment for that.

Even though I want to kick your ass with steel boots for ruining legit players’ experience, I appreciate your honesty. I’d too recommend that you contact EAC to explain the situation. I won’t cry if they don’t unban you though.

nice try m8.

Threatening physical violence for someone cheating in a video game? Did someone spit in your coffee this morning?

I’m sure this isn’t the worst thing you’ve read today. I think you’ll get over it in no time.

Thank you guys for the feedback. I sent EAC an email explaining everything. I don’t think I pissed off any devs but maybe i did because yes, I went back to the same server, albeit under a new account and name. I really doubt it was an IP ban, considering I changed my ip before playing again on new account.

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Honesty I believe they identified me through HWID tracking. I heard that they have been logging HWID’s for sometime now. Still shouldn’t ban off of that though imo.

Glad to see you decided to straighten out your act and play legit.

Concerning the ban, 76561198255295027 was banned for a paid cheat residing in the system memory. As this kernel cheat was found messing with your game process, the ban is permanent. We do not ban nor identify you based on HWID.

good on you SMa mate.

well op, there’s your answer. good luck, but sounds like a 3rd account for you.

OP you could try for a refund…

Hell steam might give you a full refund.
Who knows…

Good job telling people to ask for a refund after they were banned for cheats.