EAC Banned :B

Hello, eac_SMa

In before "The ban is for definite cheating and is therefore permanent. "

I’m going to go out on a limb here and be honest about my shenanigans in Rust.

I used hacks from Artificial Aiming in Rust a little less than one year ago. I manically superjumped into peoples high external walls and stole shit from their furnaces and quarries, supersprinted to gather resources quickly and recover gear from people who killed me, aimbotted people with the bolt rifle, and used ESP, obviously. On the account that I speak of, (TΩRNBΔCK26) I was justly EAC banned. After that, I created a new steam account, repurchased the game under the name ‘WeT Restart’, where I, in fact, did not hack. Shortly after, I was banned from Rustafied Servers for talking shit. :B (Note, I wasn’t, to my knowledge, EAC banned on this account.) Since I only play on Rustafied servers, I decided to create yet another account under the name ‘generik526’, on which I also did not hack. I was EAC banned on this account today. I assume my current account was linked to my previous previous EAC banned account by matching the IP address, or less likely, but plausibly, HWID tracking.

Regardless, I’m a repentant ex-hacker, and I am wondering: A.) What got me banned? B.) Can you confirm that I was banned through IP or HWID?, because I, undisputedly, did not hack on this account, nor did I run any hack software, nor did I even have hack files on my hard drive or any disk drives. C.) If an ex-hacker creates a new account and re-purchases the game, will that account be banned as well? D.) Why was the ban delayed after 2 weeks of playing? Is it so that I cannot get a steam refund? E.) Do the rules in Rust specify that one should not re-purchase the game on a new account if they were banned on a previous account? If not, I don’t think it’s beyond reasonable to contact my bank and appeal to rescind the wasted 20 dollar charge.

In before "The ban is for definite cheating and is therefore permanent. "

In before https://twitter.com/rusthackreport/status/721968788682469377


(User was permabanned for this post ("" - bucksexington))

How about you just don’t hack mkay. You got what was coming to you. Deal with it.