EAC banned few days ago please try to help me

Hello guys i already write evrything on this site : http://steamcommunity.com/app/282660/discussions/0/490123938441762045/

but they told me i need go there

i just got banned EAC and i dont know rly why … i dont use nothing this must be somthing wrong and on that steamcommunity site send me here i need contact admin so please if someone can help me but pls read all steamcommunity thread it is not so long :slight_smile: i want play :frowning:

thanks a lot for a fast response

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

considering you already have a previous vac ban and are now being banned by another anti-cheat system I don’t exactly know what you expect

Look at this, RustDB’s community-run banlist picked you up repeatedly a month ago for suspicious activity involving sending bad packets, speedhacking, blocking admin screenshot, and more hacking on multiple different servers.

And apparently this has been a longtime habit of yours. This video was uploaded in 2010.

You dont know rly why. Right.

yes i make one big fail … when i want change rust legacy to Rust experimental i want a little fun i know i will never play more this rust legacy so i go to google donwload first cheat and try play on servers but good antihack EAC system banned me right i join to the server … :stuck_out_tongue: then i go to next server then next :smiley: evrywhere i got banned i dont care because i know i dont play legacy anymore … but now i think what happend is RUST LEGACY AND RUST EXPERIMENTAL have shared databaze :frowning: and that is the reason why i got banned i have a lot of hours played on RUST rly a lot of hours … i never cheat on rust EXPERIMENTAL but i dont think you have shared database on this two games …

and about CS 1.6 :smiley: that was fan nonsteam MIX match with my friends but one my friend dont like me so much … that time we have 3 players cheats but i dont care it was nonsteam :smiley: see i never CHANGE THE NEAME my name is always ToLJoU and always will be ToLJoU and this video prove nothing it is obvyously hacking :smiley: i was hacking on there but i play cs about 10 years … and one time i got VAC BAN it was the worst day in my life i make horrible mystake i trust one my friend he put me to this VAC BAN … this was not my fail … but when you check my steam account it is rly old … and i have here a lot of games you rly think i want SCRUE account like this ? … trust me i dont but sometimes in our lifes somthing bad happends …

but the point
I never cheat in RUST EXPERIMENTAL i rly dont know EAC have shared database with legacy and experimental i think it is two different games … that is the reason why i hack when i left from legacy and like you can see this bans come i think in the same day ? maybe in two days … if you know what i mean it is possible to do somthing with it ? because i dont have EAC banned on rust experimental i have only on RUST Legacy but i think my admin of the server have databaze from legacy too …

Did you load cheats and then click “Play” in Steam? Yes, you did. Legacy or experimental, you cheated in Rust.

Make a new Steam account and buy a new copy of Rust and don’t hack if you want to keep playing.

You screwed your account whether you wanted to or not, buddy. You have a VAC ban and now an EAC ban. People are going to look at your account and assume you’re a cheater, and THREE SECONDS on Google exposes a HISTORY of being a cheater.

Stop playing with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

No one here works for EAC. Google their site, and contact them. No one here can help your cheating habits or with your EAC ban.

that is the reason why i am here and asking … if i know this click “play” will make this situation i will never leave legacy like i did … it is my fail okey i respect that … i already have another account but still i dont have EAC banned like you can see in steamcommunity … EAC admin of rust experimental i dont have ban there i have only on rust legacy and my server where i play and other servers have shared database with rust legacy … he already try this ban dissepear but when i connect it happend again :slight_smile: if i want i can change name already … but i dont because i know i am clear player but sometimes we did bad things like i say before :slight_smile:

thanks for the help and explanation and have a nice days guys :slight_smile: for mystakes i must pay :smiley:

thanks elixwhitetail :slight_smile: for explanation

EAC bans don’t display on Steam because they aren’t managed by Valve.

still i will wait when any admin give me some answer :stuck_out_tongue:

Admin of what? Again, no one from EAC is on this forum. No one here can unban you.

Facepunch has no "admin"s

ooo okey :stuck_out_tongue: thank bye and have a nice day again :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon guys. This guy has hacked and genuinely wants to play again.

Why aren’t we trying to help him? :wink:

Edit: added a sarcastic wink

miles of difference between this guy and the other. if you think this one is genuine, you need your head examined:)

Because he’s been exposed as a serial cheater, a liar, and shows absolutely no remorse?

It was sarcasm…

It was a rhetorical response…

i also have the same problem but i have no rbds nor have i ever hacked on my pc. i have 1600 hours with $100 worth of rust skins and have never changed a single file on my pc for rust. i was a decent player to the point where the head admins of the server i played on contacted eac for a manual eac ban on my account.This all happened whilst i was offline which this leads me to think it was a manual ban. my steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/mypcdoesnthavehacks/
can someone please help

i hate it when admins ask EAC to manually ban a player for being too 133t and they do it :goodjob:

The legacy database was not shared with the current version so your ban was for cheat detection again, you had another chance and you blew it …