EAC banned for no reason.

Hello! I got randomly disconnected a couple of minutes ago, coming to find out that I have been banned by the Easy Anticheat system for some odd reason? I have absolutely no malicious files on my computer, nor any files related to exploitation of the game. I haven’t exploited the game in any way, I mean, if you consider having your gamma turned up, but I’ve had that since day 1. This is very odd. I’m genuinely upset because I’ve had this account for a long time, nobody else has access to this account. I haven’t altered any sort of file related to Rust by any means. I’m just very confused at this point. If a FacePunch admin could please help me, that’d be great. Thank you! Here is my steam 64 ID 76561198166602313

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

What’s your Steam ID? 64bit number or the one in a format like STEAM_0:…


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I’m not sure if any virus could cause this? I doubt it though…

Any news?

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This is so confusing…

My guess… it was the hacks.

Wow. The number of people getting banned is obscene. I wonder what proportion of Rust’s revenue is generated by people paying for new copies of the game?

hurry said that ppl buy about 2300 copies of rust every day. thats much fukking moneyz

Yes it’s a virus. People are being banned randomly everywhere. One of my accounts which I bought on ebay got banned by VAC, and the reason is “Windows XP” !!!

No, it’s called EAC and VAC doing their job.
Remember a few weeks back when all the hack reports flooded in? Well now it’s catching up

Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming what you say is true, have you allowed anyone else ot access your Steam account via Family Share? If so, it could be that person that was using exploits. If so, your whole Steam account is banned by EAC, not just the person you shared it with.

eac wont ban for exploits, they ban only for cheats signatures. but the bad thing about it is they suck in it. im just come from battlefield server and there were 2 flying aimbotters

It is not really that many people getting banned, if you look at the many thousands playing the game. What this really shows is just how many people are hacking; with all these people banned, there are still many hackers not being banned who are playing the game.

Listing all the people being banned, shows that EAC is banning people. It doesn’t show that EAC is able to prevent hackers from playing and ruining the game.

At some point EAC and FP will have to do something different, because they are losing the battle against the hackers overall. But they did say they would start to code some anti-hack features in to Rust.

The ban for SteamID 76561198166602313 is from a definite detection of a pay-to-cheat payhack.

When you figure out what it was on your PC that triggered EAC, can you let us know? Unless, of course, it was actual cheat software you purchased.

But, the viruses!