EAC Banned have never cheated. 1250 hours

Been playing RUST for a very very long time. I log in today to find I am EAC banned from the game. Not VAC banned, but in-game banned. I have 1252 hours in the game from Legacy to EXP. I have never used any kind of cheat or hack. I am at a complete lose as to why I might be banned. Is there anything else that could cause an EAC ban other than cheating? I have played from many computers around the world from Europe to the United States, from the homes of friends to LAN parties. I am retired from the US Army and I played this game everywhere I went while I was active. I just want to know why I am banned is all.

Post your steamid, no one can help you without knowing your account ID, there were a few false positives the other day from people roof camping wirh bolties and some antivirus program, so it may be likely that is what’s happened here. If you post your steamid eventully either an EAC dev or FacePunch dev will most likely confirm whether it was a definite detection or a false positive.

Also even if you’ve never hacked before, some hacks leave traces on computers that can only be removed by doing a full OS reinstalation, so it’s always possible that someone has used hacks on one of the many computers you say you’ve played and your account has been flagged for it. Even if this is the case the ban will not be removed as your account is your own responsibility.

http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998656074/ It says last played was today? I have not played today… Have I been hacked?

You also have to take the Family Sharing feature on Steam into account, as sharing your game with someone else via that feature when whoever it was decided to cheat will unfortunately also lead to the parent account being banned as well to prevent piggy-backing.

I am changing my password now

I looked up several of your recently-used usernames, and PooTeen happens to show up on the official Rust hack report twitter. You’ll have to wait for someone from EAC to come in and tell you whether or not the ban is valid.

It has been awhile sense I logged on to my account as well. I have been really sick and in the hospital. Why would it say 0 days? It is like it banned me as soon as I logged in.

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I changed my name to Pooteen because I was fighting some hackers on a server and I figured if I changed my name to one of theirs they would get me confused with one of them. It worked more than once. I was able to Pipe shotgun more than one of them and get in their base they left the door open for me.

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That has been a week or so though.

It says 0 days since the last ban because the ban was placed less than 24 hours ago. EAC, however, may have detected something a few weeks back (someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the waiting period is up to 2 or 3 weeks at most after initial detection of a cheat/hack) in order to examine the data and have the ban queued up with another ban wave. If you were caught cheating/hacking or shared your library with someone that decided to cheat/hack, then EAC will implement the ban as necessary.

Also, if you think your account was hacked, I’d highly advise also updating the password for the email account you have tied to your Steam account, as well as double-checking your account’s security to ensure that it won’t happen again. Even if the ban itself is valid as a result of a positive detection, it’s usually best to go the whole nine yards and just beef up security where you can on your accounts.

I changed my password and email password. This is a community PC in the common area. I have no way of knowing how many people use it. I completely log out of everything when I am done. I have never used any cheats, so there is no way it is for that. It has to be something else. What else does EAC ban people for?

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I find it weird that it says I played Rust today and I haven’t. That is what freaked me out. I just had to reinstall Steam on this PC because some dillhole deleted it.

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Looking at this Rust Hack report and I see people that have killed me. At least I think it is the same names.

I don’t know what else EAC looks for as ban reasons; the only things I’m aware of for their bans are related to cheats/hacks used by singular accounts or piggy-backed accounts and whether or not there are any traces of previous cheats/hacks on a system that are still loading into the game’s memory. You’d have to ask someone else about that.

As for playing on a public system (which is what I assume you mean when you say it’s a community PC), that’s something you should never do when playing games on a Steam account. Most public systems tend to have lackluster security, and there’s usually quite a few unwanted things (malware, adware, etc.) that leave the system compromised as a result. The worst you should do with anything related to something being publicly available is connecting to the wifi with your own system if you’re going to play games from a Steam account. Better safe than sorry, to say the least.

What is a piggy-backed account?

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Never mind you mean like the family sharing thing

I am referring to the Family Sharing feature, yes. When someone is using their account to share their game library with someone else, the account that’s sharing is considered as a parent account, and the one that the library is being shared with is considered as a child account. If the child account is using the parent account to play a game (in this case, Rust), it’s considered as ‘piggy-backing’; because of piggy-backing being a problematic loophole for people to get around EAC bans, the folks at EAC have their system set up to not only ban the child account if it’s caught cheating/hacking, but whatever parent account it was piggy-backing off of ends up being banned as well. Some people think of this as a bit of a dick move, but it was done as a way to prevent cheaters/hackers who are playing on multiple accounts via Family Sharing from continuing to cheat/hack by simply switching accounts.

Theres really nothing we can do except say to wait for EAC confirmation.

Well we will wait and see what EAC/Facepunch says. If I am banned forever I suppose there is nothing I can do about it. I will be mad at myself for letting it happen. I need to buy a PC for myself. This wouldn’t be the first time I lost something like this. I just had to recover my email, paypal, Visa and a bunch of other shit not to long ago. I even had to get lifelock. Just chalk one more thing up.

I guess it might take a few days? For and EAC guy to look at my account?

Sometimes it’s within a few hours, sometimes it’s within a day or two. You just have to be patient in the meantime.

I haven’t played in Days so i am not in any hurry.

just to prepare you, if it is a legitimate ban, it won’t be reversed. it is your responsibility to use a clean computer (preferably your own) when you (or someone using your account) play protected games. so even if someone has used hacks on your account without your permission, the ban will stick. you would need to get a new steam account, new version of rust and start over.

and yeah, i would suggest getting your own computer; communal pcs are not remotely safe.

I’m afraid mrknifey is right. Even though I feel bad for it, we cannot verify your story, while the detection is definite and results into the ban being permanent.

Well I do understand that the security of the PC I am using is my responsibility. I think that my account speaks for itself. 1250 hours on just rust no other bans no other violations of any kind. You have to think why in the hell would I use a hack to begin with? Just saying it is silly.

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Just out of curiosity is there a way to tell the day my account had a detection? Maybe I can remember where I was and go back and look.