EAC - Banned?! Help


I have a issue with rust , actually not rust directly but with EAC. I am trying to fight this issue since May i think.

So last time i played in April i think , and then decided to start over in May , but surprise , when i try to enter the game it says EAC Banned. First i tought it was a bug , i tried all possible forums for a fix , reinstalled EAC , the game deleted stuff , replaced stuff i can’t even remember half of it. Problem is it’s still the same.
I contacted EAC on their forums to get a answer , a help anything but after like a week i got a reply wich told me that i used paid hacks. I told the guy there ok then , you have access to my PC via TeamViewer aswell as my paypal log , in wich i got a vomited answer that this anti cheat is the best in the world and it can never fail , (maybe not in those words) and close the ticket in my face. I admited there and i admit here i glitched the hell out of the game , but didn’t used any hacks.

I played over 1200 hours of rust , i’ve bought Rust since the dutch auction house (some of you will know it).

I am writing here on EAC on steam support that i need help with this issue. Money is not a problem i can easy buy another copy , have over 1000 games on my steam account , but i want this to get fixed as i have not bought/used any hacks , mods or whatever people call it. In fact if someone here can help me to contact a person who can help me and will hear me out/ help me i’ll give him the equivalent of a steam copy of rust in pp along with many thanks.


(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater :)" - Orkel))

gets caught cheating
says he didn’t cheat

Man, why haven’t MORE cheaters thought of this? If all they have to do is say they weren’t cheating, the whole system could be fixed just like THAT!

Hello Maximum ,

Thanks for answering even if it’s not helpfull , i don’t think i just written this , i am willing to give the person who can help me access to my pc to check for any programs or software use for cheating , even logs also , giving them access to see my paypal records for the so called " paid hack" .

However if you don’t read the full message i get it why you don’t understand.

Thanks for the bump tough.

There really isn’t any way anyone can “help” you. Access to your computer is useless as for all we know you could have wiped every possible trace of anything incriminating from your system or be on a clean, recent machine. Access to your Paypal records is also useless as whats to say you used Paypal?

I’m not trying to come off as an ass. I have read the OP and it is practically the same as most “I got false positive flagged by the anti cheat” posts that have been springing up for almost 2 years. The only difference is you aren’t blaming a in game glitch/family member/natural disaster/biblical plague/etc for your “false positive”.

If EAC says you were detected using a payhack, well, you’re banned, end of story. Same as if you’d been VAC banned.

And if you think you can bribe someone into unbanning you for $20 (the cost of a copy of Rust), why don’t you just buy that other copy of Rust?