EAC Banned? what for ?

When i try to enter a server i get a message informing me ive been EAC banned, what does this mean and why did it happen?

It means either you cheated or you’re sharing your Steam account with someone who cheated, got caught, and as a result you’re permanently banned from playing Rust.

this means i need to make a new steam account to play rust ? new purchase?

You cheated. Plain and simple.

And yes a new Account and new Purchase is need.

Fuck cheaters. But I’m surprised they don’t get any notification. Seems like they should at least get an email with proof of their infraction and detailing their punishment.

i’m not. the more information given to the cheater, the more information the cheatmakers are given to use against EAC.

This is the second part of solving your problem.

The first is, ya know, stop cheating.

Please for the love of god stop buying more copies of Rust and just leave. I don’t want more cheaters in this game.

Yes buy it waste more money and get banned again! As you are just scum!

Hold on a second. Everyone should be at least a little worried about getting banned when they truly have done nothing wrong. There are a fair number of posts on the discussion board of people saying they have been banned, but done nothing wrong.

Now some of them could be lying, but probably some of them are telling the truth. It could happen to you…

uhhh lol just because a handful of people are saying they didn’t cheat doesn’t mean some of them have to be telling the truth. that is some weird logic m8

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note the fact none of them come back after being outed as a cheater. if they were innocent do you really think they’d stand for losing access to the game like that?

Based on an incident a few weeks ago, a case of truly innocent people being falsely banned would affect a few hundred, possibly a few thousand people. It would be widespread news, not just a handful of people claiming innocence here because where they got their “hacks” from told them to play dumb here.

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