EAC banned


j ai etait pas sans cheat mdr.

mon steam id STEAM_0:0:49199209.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))

EAC ne fausse interdiction, vous devez avoir trompé la seule façon vous pouvez jouer à nouveau est que si vous faites un nouveau compte et d’acheter le jeu à nouveau.

Translation for everyone else: EAC does not false ban, you must have cheated so the only way you can play again is if you make a new account and buy the game again.

mais franchement pourquoi je doit refaire un compte et racheter le jeu alors que j ai rien fait

this is an english only forum, so use a translator if you must; french may get you banned here.

there have been some EAC ban issues the last week. if it is false, then they will overturn it.

if it is a real ban, than you have cheated and deserve nothing less than having to pay for a new game.

You were banned automatically for paid cheat detection