EAC: Banned


So i was playing last night, finishing up my clans house, when i go on today all i get is “EAC: Banned” :S i checked my steam status “Protected by Steam Guard since 2014-11-11”… i DONT see what i have done :S

Before the EAC/anti-EAC discussion starts:

There’s no point posting about it here. Nobody is going to believe you because its the same old story it has been for years and years of VAC. Also it doesn’t exactly look good on your part when you have 3 VAC bans and 1 game ban over 2 Steam accounts, and considering one of those already has Rust I’m assuming you have been EAC banned before…

If you cheated, suck it up because you aren’t going to get unbanned and you will have to buy again.

If you didn’t cheat, you can try to contact EAC here, but there is no point doing this if you did actually cheat, because they will already know the reason and won’t unban you no matter what sob story you give.

Again, there’s literally no point in posting here about it, it will not get you unbanned, and if you cheated you will definitely not get unbanned no matter what you say.

i have contacted them now!!!