EAC Banned?

I know I have never cheated in rust. I have been EAC banned for some odd reason and if that reason is legit, which I doubt, I think I have the right to know what it is.
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Either you cheated or someone you share your account with did. Either way, it’s a legit ban.

EAC Ban = You or a connected account cheated. If you didn’t cheat, get a new account, and don’t share your password or family share with anyone next time. Also don’t cheat on that account…

or they chat spammed.

  1. google “eac cheat”
  2. Go to EAC’s website.
  3. Email them and ask them to check it.

also, you don’t have the right to know why; they have no obligation to share their reasons, nor to let you play on their servers. they tend to be nice enough to clarify the generic reason if you aren’t too much of a prick though.