EAC Banned?

I was just playing Rust and got an EAC ban. Can someone please explain to me what I did wrong?

I have contacted EAC and they told me this

The ban is placed by a Facepunch admin so you need to contact them through http://www.facepunch.com/ forums.

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Can a Facepunch admin please explain my ban?

1- Cheating
2- Spamming
3- Rock bases
4- Playing with cheaters
5- Generally being a douche

Those are the 5 main reason which can get you banned by an admin.

“Generally being a douche” and “spamming chat” and rock bases (unless it’s a chronic issue) are typical reasons for a server ban but not a game ban through EAC.

All Servers or only officials

Considering that their profile states that there’s a game ban, I’d say all servers.

Does your 8th ban really need explaining, stop using paid cheats, you already made a new account today so play nicely.