EAC block

A couple of months ago i found myself blocked from a game. From the info i found online it seems i have been blocked because of hacking (because i did not recieved any official info). Since i wasnt really in to the game i did not gave it any importance.
Now me and my friends would like to play again and to be honest i feel quite sad about this situation.
I have never used any kind of cheat in any game in over a decade i have been using steam as my game platform.
I dont know how rust anticheat works and if the fact i have been playing at an internet cafe might have led to link any kind of software (or traces of it) to my account.
I would sincerelly apreciate if you could reasearch why i did got banned and if there is something to be done about it.
Kind regards,

Forgot to add my id

(User was permabanned for this post ("Cheater" - Bradyns))

the ban was 126 days ago :speechless:

you probably already know the answer to your question, but if you want it spelled out for you i suggest you wait patiently here for EAC to respond, or open a ticket with them.

The ban is from a definite cheat detection and it is permanent.