EAC blocked by firewall. How do I allow it?

I keep getting kicked with EAC Unconnected error.

However, turning off the firewall I can connect. So, how do I add an exception for EAC to my firewall?

Problems you can google in five seconds should not be posted here.

Well thanks for your help. I’m glad you’re a know it all or I would have been stuck.

What firewall? What OS?

Details plz.

Just heed people’s advice next time.

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Not your firewall? Should’ve said that in the OP.

Yea, thanks again. Since you have an attitude and skill for stating the bleedin obvious without actually knowing what you’re talking about, your search is wrong and was not the answer or solution. Read OP more carefully.

But since you actually took time to respond to increase your post count, I found the solution which it turns out is somewhat related but totally opposite to your advice.

Did you google it?

The solution, no. It actually consisted of removing a firewall exception, not adding.

so tl;dr he followed all of the steps to adding an exception in a result from what he googled then realized once he was there that he had previously said to deny access when the popup first appeared

mystery solved

Not sure what you are trying to say as grammar appears not to be your strong point.

Stop commenting on things you have no clue about just to increase the post count. Anyone can post a generic answer, but mine was not a generic question, it was specific.

As I am sure you know, you can’t add EAC as an exception, but I’m sure you knew this already and miss-read my OP. Your answer was obviously posted to throw me off the trail… I feel it would have been better if you had used your immense wisdom and stated that in the first place.

I congratulate on introducing me to google, I wish I had know about it years ago. Such wisdom as yours can be a burden to bear. I congratulate you on awesome post count.

I read and understood it just fine.

Between this and you obsessing about post counts like it matters, I can’t take you seriously.

(generic answer to increase post count)