EAC: Can't play game.....again!

I am getting the following message when I launch Rust: Rust Launcher Error: LoadingError - Install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 to run EasyAntiCheat. I am running Windows 7 with auto update turned on. I have had a similar problem previously (though it just said some BS about SP2 and didn’t specify Vista), and I was able to fix it via this post :http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1439196

Now I have replaced the files with the most recent ones and it still won’t work.

WTF am I getting a Windows Vista error in windows 7?

WTF are all the EAC fix files in hidden locations and not clearly posted on their own website?

WTF does this keep coming back patch after patch?

Captain Kirk can you save me?


Sorry about that. Please try again, the issue is fixed now.

Captain Kirk

I get problems every update. Steam won’t update, it gets stuck on verifying. What I have to do is:

Delete all local content through Steam.

Shut down Steam.

Delete the Rust folder in the Common folder of my Steam files location.

Start up Steam and reinstall Rust.

Every update.

I find Rust often (usually) gets stuck while updating, however I find just closing and restarting steam allows validation to complete. Maybe it’s a different problem but hopefully you can avoid doing a full reinstall.

I feel robbed, after 5 hours Jump playing in the new actualzacion Same thing happened to me . Game Freezing , Restarting the Self and window with a message that said Ban . You really me you’re going to steal access access to my game? I have over 500 hours in this game recorded and never in my life Use illegal content since neither I know not interest me. If you do not send a test program I was using at the time " HACK " I will denounce steal access servers RUST.

post your steam id.