EAC Disconnect/ Series of bad updates

Hey guys,

So I went to play rust today and noticed that I got a EAC disconnect when I tried to load it. I got this after the last update as well and was forced to delete and then reinstall the game. My house internet is garbage it takes hours for something to download and when I am downloading I cant use the internet otherwise. Whats up with the updates causing the game to be corrupted or is there another issue at fault here. Is there a way I can provide information to the developer to try and avoid this. Having to delete and reinstall rust every week is tiring and with me working more and more I’m much less likely to play. Any help would be appreciated from the forum team or the developers.

Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013258358/


First make sure that you launch the game from Steam and not from the game directory itself. EAC is not loaded if the game is not launched from Steam.

If you started the game from Steam and still get the error:

The error is caused because you have no connection to client.easyanticheat.net (port 80 and 443). Something is blocking Rust from connecting to that DNS-address and those ports, so the game server cannot verify that you have EAC enabled. Usually it is caused by incompatible/outdated anti-virus software and/or a firewall software. I would suggest trying to completely uninstall any anti-virus software, then restart Windows and try again.

Please note that disabling anti-virus does not always help, since most anti-viruses cannot be really disabled. Even if you disable the anti-virus it usually will leave the anti-virus kernel-driver running which may still cause problems.

If it still does not work I would suggest trying to find out if your network environment has something that could be blocking the connection or if your ISP might be somehow filtering the connection.