EAC disconnected, what the fuck??? !!!

So i have been playing rust almost every day for the last week. And i also have been playing for couple of hours today.

I was on one build server , where you can try base designes. Then my friends asked me to help them, so i disconnect to join the main server. And i can not connect, every time i try to connect i get EAC disconnected. I had done nothing but been in rust, not installed any programs, not even tabbed out when i switched servers, this just appeared out of nowhere.

I have now tried restart computer,`, run rust directly from steam library, verify game cache, i have also tried run rust as administrator since some say it might help even though i normaly dont and i did not when the problem appeared… nothing works…

Why and how can this problem just appear like this?

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This is so anoying , free time, want to play, but cant play, cause of this shit. And appearing just out of nowhere.

No changes on computer, no installed programs, nothing, not even restarted rust or even tabbed out to windows. Completely out of nowhere…

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Finaly i got it to work again !!! I restarted and reset my internet connection !

Sorry, my bad :confused: Messed something up and had a 3-5 minute downtime for newly connecting users.