EAC disconnected


I’ve just bought the game, but I am unable to play due to “EAC disconnected” on every server I try.

I’ve tried everything google could come up with, disabling defender, reinstalling eac, run rust as administrator etc, but nothing seems to be working.


Try verifying your steam files.

Previously tried, previously failed

Same is happening to me, all was fine yesterday and today I can’t connect to any server. I keep getting a “EAC disconnected” error. This happened a week ago too but only once and was fine after restarting Steam. Now that method doesn’t help either. I’ve verified Rust game files too.

Please help, what do I need to provide or do?

Getting the same thing… Deleted and reinstalled the game and added it to my anti virus exception. Nothing…Would like to play the game. :frowning:

this happened to me, what i did to solve it was run the game through steam, and select the option to run the game with DX9. Don’t know what is the difference(since i’m not a technical guy) but it worked for me :slight_smile:

earlier version of direct x; means it needs a less powerful rig, but the graphics are less impressive.

Hi, I managed to “fix” the problem by running the game from within steam. Weird as the game’s icon is on the desktop. :goodjob:

BTW, I don’t play in DX9 mode.