"EAC Disconnected"

So I’ve had this issue from time to time, and usually following a check of the game cache it will validate a file or two that go wonky and it lets me connect just fine. I’ve reinstalled rust, verify the integrity game cache multiple times(like i said it usually fixed it in the past) but now its not working. Not sure how to fix this, if someone can assist I’d appreciate.

EDIT: read another user’s post, saw that this is apparently because you were banned? What on earth did I do? hit a tree to hard? I don’t cheat, and while I would love to say after 1200 hours I’m an amazing shot, that’s not the case either, I typically get killed more then I do said killing.

Either way if anyone has had this issue before and had it resolved feel free to comment.

If this EAC thing is supposed to be a ban for a cheat ive never done. well to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I’ve played this game since it went live, most of those hours are from legacy.

Post your steam id

soon as i figure out how to do that I will.

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Is this it?

that’s it. but EAC disconnected is not a ban message, it tells you that EAC cannot contact the servers.

tends to be dodgy modem settings, something actively blocking EAC or security settings. there are a few threads with suggestions on how to fix it, but i’d start by restarting both your modem and computer, and ensuring your antivirus/firewall is not blocking EAC.

yeah ive tried a bunch of things to fix it already. ill do some more digging i guess. I don’t know what the cause is as nothing on my end has changed in the last few days since i played last.

i reinstalled the game on a new partition on my HD and it seems to work again.

I reinstalled in another folder and the game began to work. Thanks:smile:

new problem.

soon as i launch it from steam.

"rust launcher error: launcherfailure - error validating easyanticheat code signing certificate. "

then it just closes. this never used to happen. annoying im having so much problem with it lately.