EAC easy setup wizard not displaying the "next" button

Ok so this has been driving me mad, I can play Legacy rust until I’m blue in the face, but if I want to play experimental the installer waits for me to click the next button but the button isn’t there. So I looked through the threads here for an answer, and attempted the CMD way. I can change Directory (cd) as far as the EasyAntiCheat folder, once I cd into the EasyAntiCheat folder it says the directory doesnt exist, yet I can navigate through it and even open the installer the through the explorer, all to no eval because I can’t see the next button… So taunting.


Excuse me if this is a silly question, but just to be sure before we proceed with debugging, did you choose Rust in the drop-down box? The next button should become available then.

Yes I have, It’s the only way I get the option to play Legacy. Still no next button.

Could you screenshot how the window looks like to you? I’m guessing there’s a problem with the window sizing (Windows screen DPI setting?) and you cannot see even any greyed out buttons on the bottom of the window?

I will test tomorrow this and see if I can reproduce it by changing DPI settings.

As a test, could you try ticking this box and starting the Setup to see if it makes difference? http://puu.sh/c3sLb/269699df55.png

Its not allowing me to post the screen shot but I see everything in the setup wizard even the drop down box to pick a different game, even after selecting that option you suggested, still no “Next” button.

Could you please get back about the greyed buttons? Thanks.