EAC Error...

When I run rust I write this:

GameID: 49 (64bit)
Windows Version: 6.1 (Build 7601)
Error Code: 30004
Error Msg: WaitForSingleObject failed

I’m three days trying to solve this fucking problem!

I reinstalled the EAC 100 times !
I reinstalled the game 100 times !
I reinstalled windows 9-11 times!

Nothing , absolutely nothing helps! What should I do? Help me please!

It seems like you are starting a game other than Rust. Could you verify the steam cache to make sure all correct files are in place? And then try and run again through steam.

The WaitForSingleObject -error indicates that writing an EAC library file on disk took longer than 20 seconds. Normally the operation is instant and it should never get delayed. Something in the system must be actively blocking the file operation from being completed. It’s either a malfunctioning, usually very out-dated anti-virus software, or a rootkit virus infection.

I’d recommend uninstalling any anti-virus that you may currently have, downloading the latest anti-virus version from the vendor’s website and running also a full system scan with Malwarebytes’ anti-rootkit scanner (free): https://www.malwareb…rg/antirootkit/

(looks like the link is automatically shortened. try this if you can’t google)

Thanks for the answer.
But I just reinstalled windows . The computer is completely clean. But I believe that the problem in the hard disk . Now I check and write the result .

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I did everything according to instructions 3 times . Last time we decided to record a video . Here is the result ! Does not help!
The system I have pure . The expense of programs that are loaded with a system not! Viruses are not. And those on the video , I accidentally picked up promotional video when shaking bandiсam : /

Here are links to the instructions as I did .
1: https://youtu.be/dOfnOqMEIsw
2: https://youtu.be/I4QjRzR-pYA

UP! The problem is still relevant !
I really want to play in the rust !

Could you add me in Steam Friends for debugging this further? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999579793

I will be able to work on it with you tomorrow. Thanks!

I added you. Thx.