EAC has responded on new false bans

So people don’t keep posting that they have been banned, and so they have the latest information, I just want to point out EAC staff have posted about the new bans.

I have no other info but here is what EAC staff have said:

First a player said:


EAC replied:


If you are falsely banned due to this problem (you can play other servers but are banned from one), then contact EAC about this. http://www.easyanticheat.net/#contact

@EAC feel free to say how you want players to contact you (here on these forums, or via your website).

Do we need one stickied thread here where people can post and EAC can check their accounts?

EDIT: hopefully Facepunch will make a response on this. It may be FPs issue and not EAC.
EAC also wrote:

No need to contact.

The SteamAuth service triggered a glitch in our system that caused some players to be disconnected and then be reported as banned when trying to join the server again, without actually being listed on our banlist. We’ve sorted that out during this morning and are now waiting for the game servers to receive an update that will revert the cached banlists.

No actual bans were placed.

May I ask when this update is gonna happen no need for actual time.

i would suggest it depends on your server host. the update will likely already be rolled out.

Alright thanks.

At the moment I’m still banned, anyone of the wrongly banned people managed to connect? My server is Facepunch Official London I.

Gandalf I am still banned from Amsterdam II too and I will be waiting until tonight!

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We must wait until Rust updates.

Why we have to wait?
Have u done anything wrong, coz i didnt i dont see any reason to wait.
But im still baned.
They know whats wrong and they know how to fix it.
What’s so hard about fixing it now?
I simply dont get it.
I know its alpha, and some things have to be worked on.
But i got one sugestion:
Meybe u ppl shuld sart to care about ur customers.
At the moment u got one verry unhappy.

Shit, I don’t know, maybe because EAC is a third party addon and not the official anticheat (psst, that’s VAC, and it is not property of Facepunch either, hence the ‘Valve’ in it’s name). Oh and by the way EAC has only 3 developers in the team so go on and apply if you are so impatient and want it done as fast as possible.

I’m not complaing on EAC atm, its servers that needs update.
So im complaining on facepunch on oficial facepunch forum.
Coz from the information i found ind its up to them.
BTW problem was solved in the morning

Do we know when it will be fixed? Maybe tonight?

Can please someone from EAC or Facepunch explain what this actually means? It’s the update automatic, or manual, is it timed? Should someone from Facepunch actually activate an update there? I hope we shouldn’t wait the next rust update as it will be in one week from now.

Was fixed several hours ago on the EAC side (at least they said so in a other forum post here), now… just wait for Facepunch and/or the server owners for an server update.

Good luck if u are on an official server, maybe u need to wait until next Thursday then :smiley:

I’m really hoping this gets updated before the forced wipe. I lost connection and caught a bad ban hours before I was going to screenshot the build I’ve been working on since the last forced wipe.

Someone needs to tweet Garry and ask if he knows about this. If they don’t know about it, and it’s the weekend, then it wont get fixed.

From EAC’s post, it looks like FP needs to push out an update to fix this.


ofc he knows about that…

Guys i got unbanned and i play again on Amsterdam II! I have all the blueprint and all the stuff i had! Someone said me that server restarted 2h ago i think.

Has anyone else gotten back into their home server? Was contacting EAC part of the process? I’m still locked out. I know this thread suggests the holdup is server owners updating and resetting but I’d like to hear from more than one person that got back in. I contacted my admin but I don’t know if he understands the issue and I want to be sure before suggesting an update. I’m also hearing two different things about the update from a day ago forcing wipes.

Decay is probably about to start knocking corners out of my build and ruin it, so I appreciate any info.