EAC has so many errors and Rust is broken

I’ve recently got Rust and the first thing that happens is that the fucking game doesn’t work and it pops up with a message saying,“Rust Launcher Error: LoadingError - Failed to load anti-cheat module” and i have fixed it a few times but when i shut down my computer then start it up again it doesn’t work so i have to research how to fix and sometimes i do but once again when i shut down my computer and then turn it on again it basically creates a new error and the stupid thing is that it has nothing to do with my anti-virus program, It’s the game that has problems and the EasyAntiCheat so this is why i just don’t like the EAC Program because of all these error that come out of nowhere.

Since the recent update my recent error has turned into,“Rust Launcher Error: LauncherFailure - Failed to load anti-cheat module” and since that i’ve been looking all over the internet trying to find a solution and nothing has worked. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Rust 6 times and done the same with EAC 15 times and i have removed the “appcache” folder and nothing had happened and i also verified the integrity of game cache and sometimes it says All files validated and other times it has said 1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired and now i’m clueless and i’m probably gonna make a youtube video asking for help because of how stupidly ridiculous this problem has become.

Me too, but no error messages :frowning: just keep crashing…bad EAC

I hear EAC is not on Linux yet, good luck.

You heard wrong.

Interesting. I’ve been playing the Linux client without issue since Thursday, in fact have never had an EAC issue under Linux. Plenty of other issues, but not EAC. Running Ubuntu MATE 15.10 x64. Matter of fact since Thursday my FPS has been great under Linux, nearing what I get in Windows.