EAC Just Kicked me I think? Weird flashing screen..


I was playing Rust in windowed mode and exploring the map, while alt-tabbing in moments of boredom to check these forums.

It was during the alt-tabbing that my Rust Screen started flashing a teddy bear image and some funky chunky text about file sizes? It lasted for about 3 seconds and then Rust closed completely. I wasn’t quick enough to get a screen shot.

My first thought was a virus but then realised I recognised the Teddy Bear. Sure enough, it’s on the EAC website.

Was I kicked or did something go belly up? Confused dot com

Verify Rust’s files in Steam. EAC Teddy found corrupted/modified files and didn’t like it. This does not mean you were cheating or that something infected you, it’s probably just garden-variety file corruption.

How interesting. I got this 8-bit teddy bear screen last night while troubleshooting server issues. I was able to get in to my server, then following a restart got the message about “Server version mismatch” or something like that (I went to Puush an image of it but wasn’t quick enough lol).

Tried again and I got in though, thought I was going mad