Eac question

if you use hacks on one completely different account and get banned via eac on that and have a primary account that you never hacked on will it also be banned ?

This is a question ^

as i have seen people saying the have been banned on one account for hacking but never hacked on there primary but got banned for that too .

so the have bought rust for both accounts .

If this is true . isnt that Little weird. lets say you have a brother and he hacks on the family pc and he gets banned will that mean your account also gets banned ?

If all above is true . cant people that never hacked actually exist ? . every time someone cries the where banned for no reason could it be so that its true ?

thats something to think about before you go to sleep . so every time you been a dick to someone that got banned maybe he actually never hacked :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why I dont family share my Steam Account.
Kids tend to try out hacks, I did that too in CS 1.5…
I did regret that.

if the buy the game for both accounts . so the hacker person i met . was banned for hacking . of course its only fair he hacked. but he went on his legit account and that was also eac banned. but hes never hacked on the legit account.

It was still on the computer, was detected and you got banned. Your “brother” should have told you.
You just shouldn’t touch hacks.

im not banned .im admin on a server . so im hacking all the time :stuck_out_tongue: . the hack is a program so when you turn it off the inject from the hack is gone from the pc and to add it again it has to inject it again . so it not in the folder forever . so if hes legit about never hacking on the legit account that means eac is tracking the pc and banning any account that he starts rust with . coming back to my original statement about what if people crying about being banned never hacked ?

Edited read the thing again

The hack program isn’t “gone from your PC”
when you install cheats they will change some files that nobody really notices but that are important in order for the cheat to work. Those changes could remain even after using it.
And from the looks of it, VAC or EAC detect some of those remains of older cheats.
Many people reporting “false bans” here didn’t use the hack at the time they got banned. Maybe they even cheated in another EAC game. But they had cheats installed on their PC for sure.

I have a friend who was banned from all EAC Games for, in his words, “no reason”.
But he downloaded a cheat for cs:go that costs a monthly fee.
It is probably correct that he wasn’t cheating in eac games at the time of the ban. Not many people did because those bans don’t happen instantly when you cheat.
But however he downloaded a premium cheat that also supports rust, dayz and more. I don’t blame EAC for this.

i’m always weary of people trying to figure out how EAC works in a more technical sense; it could potentially be anyone asking questions.

anyway, to answer your line of questioning as vaguely as i am comfortable to, recently a player was banned for using cheats. he then refreshed windows etc to get a fresh start, and supposedly played without any cheats on his computer. his second account on a “fresh” computer was banned for cheat signatures being detected.

it’s unlikely to be as simple as not running a cheat to prevent it’s detection.

I believe a lot of people were family sharing with alts at one point as the alt gets a different steamid, but I’m pretty sure I remember Garry on about banning family shared accounts of cheaters.

In a partial reply to AshFirecrest from the other thread, the reason I trust devs/EAC people over some guy swearing on his grans life that he didn’t cheat is that I believe they collect all of the relevant information to be able to tell exactly what the person was doing and if it was a false positive, they’d be able to look into it (Plus real false positives usually result in mass banwaves unless it’s for something really obscure)

Also they know how their own anticheat works, so they know if what a person is claiming (Eg the threads like ‘I formatted my HDD and reinstalled windows completely and was still banned’) is at all possible in any realm.

Fucking tool.

Yes… </3

It was on LAN against RL friends tho. I didn’t got VAC’d for.

I love it when cheaters try to go straight but their cheating comes back to haunt them. I wish EAC sent a thousand volts to their PC and blew it up that would be a deterant however idiots would still try to cheat

Thats getting to be much different. why would you regret that? Lan and consenting friends isnt ‘cheating’ it is just messing about.

I did regret it because it stops you becoming proud of achieving something.
And while i cheated i had to actively lie to my friends… a real mindfuck.