EAC Rust ban appeal form does not seem to work?

Hey, so - A friend I built a machine for recently who only has maybe 100h in Rust got banned recently, and we don’t understand why.

I have tried using the EAC Ban appeal form on the web page, but the form does not seem to actually submit after completing the captcha?

Now, I know the go-to answer here is “hurr durr it’s because he was cheating”, and you know. He wasn’t. We’re just not the cheating type fam.

I get that we’re not going to get specific ban-reason information or anything. The ban is definitely in error in my humble opinion.

I guess I was just hoping I could get anyone who can actually look at this for his profile and confirm for us you somehow have concrete evidence of something naughty and it’s not just some kind of accident (which you could rescind the EAC ban for?)

There really isn’t much I can say here that is worth saying I suppose, given the default assumption when bans are handed out is it’s because you were cheating.

It is obviously possible to get false positives though I it seems?

Would very much appreciate even just… confirmation that the ban is permanent and at least from EAC / FP’s side… justified based on whatever you found?

Is their Steam profile. Somehow I can’t figure out how to find the actual Steam ID.

Anyway, thanks in advance if anyone ends up having a look at this. Or even if you have any idea why the EAC ban appeal form doesn’t seem to work.

Will happily abide by the result, I don’t want cheaters in games I play.

I mean, I have read that page. I wouldn’t be bothering with the attempt if I didn’t feel the ban was given out in error.

I see it says if bans are handed out in error they will be automatically removed by the servers at some point.

Just imagine the crazy scenario where a legitimate paying customer gets an EAC ban despite never attempting to cheat.

Part of the desire to clarify here is to understand why it might have happened - again I understand why specific information is never given out in these circumstances. But if there is something running on his machine unknowingly (I really can’t imagine what it could possibly be) that is resulting in an EAC ban for Rust, how are you supposed to be sure it won’t just happen on other games you play?

Legitimately imagine being in this scenario - What do you do? reformat said new PC and hope for the best?

If you believe it’s impossible to get an EAC ban without ever attempting to cheat, then all of this makes perfect sense.

As it is, I can’t even see the ban on their profile? do EAC bans appear on steam profiles like VAC ones seem to?

IF you search for it, there are other threads here with replies from people clearly associated with FP / EAC confirming bans, or even on one post - resulting in the ban being lifted. So. That’s why this is here.

Also if that is the case why does the EAC ban appeal page exist?

Also his profile name does not show up on the Rust Hack Report twitter.

It doesn’t say he’s banned, was it an official server or just a normal community server?

I believe at the time he got dropped from a server and tried to reconnect, then got the eac ban message, that it was either a community or modded server, but he then tried to log into an official I believe, and got the same message, and it seems he can connect to non-eac protected servers. So I guess it seems like a real enough ban? Don’t believe they have checked recently.

Just trying to get some info, like you say it doesn’t indicate anywhere obvious he has an eac rust ban, really just want to understand what the story is.

Could get them to try again and note exact ban message I suppose and / or confirm the ban still seems to be in effect.

So, for what it’s worth, he’s no longer getting the “EAC Banned” message when connecting to Rust. I can only assume there was some kind of bug or error, or he was somehow caught up in some automated ban that wasn’t appropriate and it was rescinded, but I guess we’ll never know.

If he was playing on a community server when the message popped up it was most likely a server ban with a funny message. He probably misremembered a few details.