EAC: Unconnected

Started playing again around yesterday, and game ran smoothly without any problems. During the night, I’ve experienced the “EAC unconnected” when joining every server, but fixed it by simply reinstalling the Easy anti-cheat in the game folder. This morning I played without any issue, and [Disconnected: EAC: Unconnected] came back. I’ve made exceptions for my antivirus ( fully disabled it afterwards), reinstalled the game, tried to run it as an administrator, always launched it from my steam library. I saw that this was a pretty common thing, but I couldn’t find any other fix. Please look into it and tell us about any possible fix

Try to verify the integrity of the game cache. This helped me with this problem and i’m not getting it anymore.

I had the same problem, seems to be fixed, but I just retry everytime I get it and it works.