So, like Garry said in the latest bug, Rust will use EAC in stead of/togheter with VAC.
Anyone knows why EAC would be better than VAC?

VAC isnt a rookit. It does not have full access to your PC nor can it scan certain ways that invade your privacy.

EAC is different. It’s technically a rootkit, and** can** and **will ** do a lot of things to your PC that makes it much more thorough in searching for cheats.

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I don’t think VAC will be going anywhere, it’ll still do its thing in the background, or at least I’d assume so. EAC will be much faster though, kicking/banning people right away when they cheat rather than taking the slower approach like VAC.

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EAC wins already by pissing off cheaters before its even used. Good work EAC guys.

It’s EAC’s full time job

EAC seems to have an amazing job if its pissing off people. Sounds just like my boss I used to work for.

Well, my only complaint is Avast seems to think it’s a virus. lol

As zerothefallen more or less said, that’s because EAC acts like malware in order to get behind the curtain and watch what Rust (and anything injecting itself into Rust) does in a comprehensive way. It’s not harmful, but it uses some of the same tricks. Avast suspects that it’s a “generic” virus (Win32:evo-gen), since EAC doesn’t have any payload similar to viruses, only the same kind of stealth behaviour.

Hell, anti-virus software acts like a rootkit; it integrates itself into the system and starts policing it and doing things the OS doesn’t know about. It just so happens to be software you, the user, do intend to have installed and running. This is also why you’re supposed to uninstall one anti-virus before installing its replacement if you switch programs, and not the other way around.

this is why some AV’s see each other as viruses and can fuck your system up if you install both of them at the same time

What it boils down to though is, if you arent happy with EAC being on your system then tough shit, its a fully proven legitimate software from a registered company with a history of not doing anything wrong, if you don’t want it on your computer then its your problem

no you wont get a refund

Definitely seems like a good anti-cheat system. Thanks for the explanation!

Can’t wait for this to be fully implemented. The resulting stories along the lines of “plz unban meh, I sneezed and in the sneeze spasm hit buttons that somehow made EAC ban me!” will add some variety to the usual bi-weekly “got banned for nothing” wave. While wanting variety in the excuses is bad, the fact they actually do so is good and a sign that its working.

I’m just sick of getting headshot over and over, even inside of my base( with no windows mind you). Tired of grown ass folks running around talking about how awesome they are when all they did was spend money on a hack and have no talent like the rest of us :).

Find it hilarious I was rated dumb for some odd reason. EAC itself has access to both ring3 and ring0. This is why it’s effective. It can scan more than just CSGO’s memory, it can scan all of it.

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So what happens to all the banned rust accounts? Since VAC is being scrapped will they be unbanned?

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VAC will still be active