EAC - What will happen to OSX users?

Im just wondering is EAC going to add support for MAC users now that you are going to use it on Rust? If not, how can I play? INB4 “install windows”

Pretty sure it’s only for the experimental build?

The experimental build is becoming the primary (or only) build/branch…

There’s no mention at point of sale (ie. on Steam) that “minimum specifications could change”, including which operating systems are supported.

So if the final build of Rust doesn’t support Mac, then refunds will need to be issued to people who’ve bought it on the understanding that they’re investing in an alpha stage game that they would eventually be able to play.

That’s basic consumer rights.

All things considered, I’d be VERY surprised if the final build isn’t Mac (and for that matter Linux) compatible.

Well i guess every hacker will just have to buy a $2000 mac to hack.

You probably just wont be required to install EAC on mac

The experimental branch is Windows-only at this point, too. That’s not staying permanent either.

If you done any sort of research about cheaters then good luck finding them on MAC.

I wish there was MAC servers only then no cheats.

I’m gonna cry like a baby when I can’t play my favorite game anymore on my Mac…

This seems to imply that EAC can be built to be cross-platform, but at the moment, garry doesn’t even care about requiring EAC on Linux at all because the population is so tiny. I imagine Mac is a pretty similar situation.

I don’t have a link right now but Garry already answered this question. The reply was to Linux users but it was something like “Right now we have more cheaters than we have Linux users, so our focus is on Windows. If Linux will become a problem in the future the EAC guys told us it’s basically just a recompile to have EAC enabled on it.”


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