EAC wine-64 whitelist

I know I know so many Linux users have said this before but I feel like this topic still needs to spoken and at least have closure from the Facepunch devs. I love Facepunch, they make great games, I just feel like recently they haven’t cared about the Linux community and that’s sad because past games have had Native support like Garry’s mod as an example. I just need closure on why Facepunch hasn’t whitelisted EAC wine64. I would be very happy to hear a reponse!

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There was a good reason it wasn’t possible before, but It may not be so far away now.
You may be interested in learning about this if you haven’t already.
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It wasn’t? I didn’t know that. I’m excited for this if they decide to add the EAC wine-64 whitelist.

I have the 5.11 kernel how are you supposed to do that the thing is EAC on rust still tries to get the wine64 version which is disabled so it doesn’t load. 5.11 currently seems to only be for DRM from what I see. I made a forum post about wine64 here Method of allowing Linux players to join EAC secured servers with the wine64 build - #6 by pwned

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